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Tri-S Industries Ltd
3105 Unity Drive, Unit #19
Mississauga ON, L5L 4L2

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am to 4:30pm EST

Phone: 905-569-1456

Benefits Beyond Security

Our products can easily pay for themselves through energy savings, insurance premium reductions and protection of people and valuable property.

conservation Energy Conservation

Rolling shutters provde shading, which in turn conserves energy. They provide efficient insulation to keep interiors cool in summer and prevent heat loss in winter.

safety and security Safety and Security

Protect property from vandalism with lockable systems. Strong security profiles are built to withstand impact. An optional anti-push up device restricts the shutter from being rolled up.

uv protection UV Protection

Solar damage is almost completely eliminated, protecting flooring, furniture and artwork from damage.

privacy Privacy and Noise Reduction

Outside noise is reduced significantly to provide the highest level of privacy.

weather protectionWeather Protection

Strong profiles have been tested for wind velocity pressure and wind to protect your home or building from high winds and extreme weather conditions.

controlsCentral Control

Convenient control options include wall switches, remotes and timers. Multiple roll shutters can be operated using just one hand-held transmitter with push button control.

strong but lightStrong but Light

Made from aluminum, the best material for products exposed daily to the elements, they expand less than plastic when exposed to heat. The high density foam enhances the level of strength.