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Tri-S Industries Ltd
3105 Unity Drive, Unit #19
Mississauga ON, L5L 4L2

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am to 4:30pm EST

Phone: 905-569-1456


Depending on the material, your Tri-S shutter can be lightweight and perfect for light control, or heavy duty for security and storm protection.

Our pricing takes into consideration

  • Square footage of the opening
  • Type of material selected for constuction
  • Chosen level of customization

Make the most of your investment

Let our experienced sales team help you put the right package together to provide you with the rolling shutter solution that meets both your design and budget requirements. For instance, choosing a manual system versus motorized operators will help reduce costs. Or, remotes, timers or wall switches may provide an option for you featuring convenient push button control.

  • Solid 6063 aluminum slat shutter
  • Meets or exceeds commercial construction specs and finishes
  • Special guide rails allow internal steel support frames
  • Steel shoot bolt side locks operate with a single rotation of one mortise cylinder key
  • Optional high security locks available
  • Heavy duty hand cranks 5:1 or 11:1 reduction gearing will lift the largest shutter
  • Torsion springs counterbalance small to medium sized shutters
  • Push up/pull down operation
  • Tubular motors operate using a wide range of radio or hard wired controls


  • Extruded aluminum sections
  • Continuous hinge
  • Perforated Aluminum inserts
  • Standard factory finish, micron clear anodizing


  • Extruded aluminum vertical guides
  • Poly vinyl chloride bearing strips
  • Concealed fasteners to connect guides Supports
  • Steel structural tubes
  • Pre-installed inside the guide extrusions


  • Standard locking master-keyed with mortise cylinders
  • Optional spring lock for motorized shutters
  • Electric key switch control station flush mounted and housed in tamperproof enclosure


  • Constructed of 0.040” powder coated aluminum sheet
  • Break formed and fastened around shutter coil enclosure

Manual Operator

  • Standard manual operator has 11:1 gear ratio
  •  Direct drive crank box equipped with bottom limit to prevent over winding

End Plates

  • Constructed of minimum ј” thick aluminum plate
  • End plates fitted to anodized aluminum guides

Electric Motor Operator

  • Tubular motor type installed inside coiling barrel
  • Standard motor has built-in NRC radio control system
  • Electronic limit switch and manual crank override (where required)

warrantyTri-S provides 2 years coverage for materials and workmanship. Technicians will be promptly dispatched if a warranty service call is required.

clean your shutterKeeping guides and curtain clean of dirt and obstructions is easy with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner