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Tri-S Industries Ltd
3105 Unity Drive, Unit #19
Mississauga ON, L5L 4L2

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am to 4:30pm EST

Phone: 905-569-1456

Strip Curtains


Strip curtains offer 2-way visibility for safety and substantially reduce the loss of heat or cooled air. They are also excellent at keeping the flow of dust and contaminants down from parking or loading areas, reducing maintenance costs and sound transmission. Curtains can be made for any size door opening.

Call us toll free today at 1-877-569-8747 for a quote or for more information.


  • Less expensive than conventional doors
  • No motors or moving parts to break
  • Replace strips only where needed.


  • Reduce heat loss by up to 90%.
  • KWH's reduced by 40-60%.
  • No motors to use energy.